The benefits of Duplex Blinds

What are Duplex blinds?

Duplex blinds provide the ideal balance between lighting control and privacy. These stylish blinds feature alternating fabric strips that slide against each other, allowing buyers to switch between block colors-for complete closure and privacy-light and stripes that filter light and views from outside.

The Duplex Blinds offer a wide range of fashionable color combinations, allowing you to enjoy sophisticated design in addition to superior functionality. These blinds are an excellent choice for most spaces you enjoy in your home

Kitchen Duplex blinds

The kitchen is a place where we not only cook, but often entertain and relax. Due to the space needed for a modern kitchen, they often have some of the largest windows in the home, taking in a lot of light.

Duplex blinds have both light filtering and shading properties, so they work very well as part of kitchen interior decor. If you cook during the day but want to limit the light, set the blinds on a stylish strip to block out the sun. If you want to relax with a delicious meal, the color of the blocks ensures complete privacy.

Living room Duplex blinds

Similarly to the kitchen, the living room is the perfect environment to sit and relax. Again, the functional benefits of Duplex blinds help you get the most out of your space. The living room is a multifunctional space where children can have fun parties, so it is beneficial to have different levels of lighting control.

The living room is also one of the spaces where we really focus on decoration. The day and night blinds or Duplex blinds have a great range of colors, so you can enjoy the colors of stripes and blocks at different times of the day and keep your interior fresh and exciting!

Bedroom Duplex blinds

Many of us will think that the various lighting controls in the bedroom are not particularly important. You sleep in the dark and open windows, right? not much.

Today, many bedrooms have home offices, and children do most of their academic or home work from their bedrooms. Natural light is known to be an important focal factor, but too much natural light can make it difficult to focus the screen.

Enter the day and night blinds. Keeping your privacy while filtering the light allows you and your kids to get the most out of your concentration time, and when it comes to relaxation, put the duplex blinds back into block colors and manage the light. You can also benefit from the layering of bedroom windows!

Remote control Duplex blinds

Motorised Duplex Blinds are a modern, original and exciting version of these classic blinds. With the Motorised blinds, you can adjust the blinds without getting up and leaning against the window frame decoration. Instead, at the push of a button, you can see the blinds slowly slide up and down.

The Motorised Duplex blinds are an important technological step in the world of window furnishings, but they are very quick and easy to assemble and set up. It can be assembled without an electrician!


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